The sweetest opportunity

Kilwins Franchise Owners are ambitious, caring people who are passionate about our high-quality products and creating the sweetest customer experience possible. If that sounds like you, then we should talk.

What it takes to be a Kilwins Franchise Owner

It takes a unique person to be a part of one of the most unique franchise opportunities known for fine chocolates, made-in-store treats, premium ice cream and take-home gifts.

Preferred financial requirements

Liquid Capital $125k
Net Worth $500k

Desired personality traits

The following traits are particularly valuable when it comes to succeeding as a Kilwins Franchise Owner:




Invest in sweet success

Kinwins will work with you to create a store that fits your community’s needs.

Kilwins Initial Investment*

Initial Franchise Fee $30,000 – $40,000
Construction Built-Out $257,783 to $400,975
Equipment $93,338 to $185,699
Store Construction Oversight Fee $5,000
Point Of Sale System $12,286 to $14,134
Inventory $26,089 to $42,845
Signs and Awnings $2,131 to $27,179
Lease/rent $2,083 to $13,412
Advertising $10,000
Insurance $519 to $21,528
Training Expense $3,000 to $7,559
Business Licenses $250 to $1,200
Professional Fees $750 to $5,990
Additional Funds $8,000 to $90,000
Security Deposits $0 to $4,560

*This information can be found in Item 7 of the 2024 Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”) issued by Kilwins Chocolates Franchise, Inc. The data reflects the range of costs for many different items required to open a Kilwins store. Investment costs vary considerably from location to location based on many factors as listed in our FDD and your actual costs may vary, potentially substantially, depending on your specific location and circumstances.

Your next steps

Start your journey to becoming a Kilwins Franchise Owner by completing the steps below:

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