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Our Company

Why choose a Kilwins franchise?

Kilwins premium and proprietary products, combined with your winning personality, using the Kilwins business model in a great location is the key to a customer experience like no other!

Kilwins has been Sweet In Every Sense Since 1947. From the aroma of fresh-made Waffle Cones to the taste of hand-crafted Chocolates and sounds of fudge paddles on marble slabs, a Kilwins store engages all of your senses!

A Kilwins employee hands a customer a caramel apple with a smile.

Our Products

What makes Kilwins Chocolates, Fudge, & Ice Cream so good?

Every Kilwins proprietary product uses the highest quality ingredients and is only available in Kilwins stores. Kilwins products are made fresh daily by franchisees in their store kitchen, hand-crafted by us in our own kitchen using methods dating back to the 1940s, or specially made for us using our proprietary recipes. Kilwins products are delivered to stores on temperature controlled trucks to help maintain the quality of our products until they arrive at your store.

A platter of Kilwins Heritage chocolate tuttles.

Kilwins “Heritage” Chocolate

We craft our Kilwins “Heritage” Chocolate using our own proprietary recipes. Starting with Fair Trade Certified cocoa beans which have been carefully selected, roasted, and ground into chocolate liquor, we combine just the right amounts of cocoa butter, sugar and, depending on the product, milk and natural vanilla to get the perfect flavor, and a taste unlike any other chocolate you can buy! Our chocolate is Kosher certified.
A variety of Kilwins Original Recipe ice cream flavors.

“Original Recipe” Ice Cream

Made from premium ingredients and our own proprietary recipes, our “Original Recipe” Ice Cream is the best we can possibly make, and much-loved in the marketplace! Customers also love our fresh, made-in-store waffle cones and hand-made fudge and caramel toppings.
A tray of freshly-dipped caramel apples.

Made-in-Store Confections

Franchisees craft their own product from the best ingredients and time-tested and approved recipes, many developed in the 1940’s by Don & Katy Kilwin. Fudge, Caramel Apples, Brittle, Caramel Corn, Chocolate Bark, & many other Chocolate-Dipped Confections are just a few of the items we make fresh every day, in every store location. Imagine the sights, smells and tastes we create in our almost 150 locations nationwide!
A bucket of delicious handmade caramel corn.

Take Home Treats

Our Chocolate Assortments, Truffles, Creams, Sea-Salt Caramels, Brittle & Caramel Corn, Gourmet Cake & Ice Cream, and hundreds of other confections are hand-crafted by us, ready to be enjoyed as a part of any celebration with family and friends! Our award-winning packaging ensures that the Kilwins Brand experience continues well past the store visit.

Business Model

What does the “Kilwins Business Model” offer?

Our system supports you in running a great business, so you can achieve your personal goals. All of your products and operating system methods are supplied and specified by Kilwins, so you can spend your time efficiently running your store and leveraging your personality to care for your customers.

A Kilwins storefront.
Kilwins storefront icon

Prime Retail Locations

Our Franchise Development Team is available to help you locate and secure a location appropriate to our Brand. Our Project Management Team creates a custom design & layout for your store, and oversees the build-out using Brand elements in atmosphere, design, fixtures, & décor. The result is a special place that your customers will love, and a place that your community and you as a store owner are proud of.
Kilwins training icon

Training & Support

Our extensive training & field support team is among the best in the industry, ensuring you’ll be able to deliver a Brand-right Kilwins experience to your customers. You will begin your training with our 14-day, hands-on, learning experience in our Petoskey, MI company store and Kilwins University Center. We then provide on-site store opening support in your location as well as on-going support from our Franchise Relations team. Subject to your performance, additional stores are available for development opportunities. Kilwins has many successful multiple-store franchisees.
Kilwins storefront sign icon

Marketing Assistance

In-store point-of-purchase & merchandising programs offer award-winning, attractive, effective and exciting seasonal & holiday customer touch-points. These point-of-purchase programs work with marketing assets for a coordinated program. We provide creative content support with a robust library of marketing assets to grow your business.
Kilwins delivery truck icon

Delivery & Logistics

We believe high-quality franchisees need high-quality products carefully delivered on time so you can spend your time efficiently running your store, caring for your customers and increasing sales. Kiwins products are delivered on temperature-controlled trucks by caring drivers to ensure that you get the products you need to serve your customers.
Kilwins recipe card icon

Streamlined Processes

Our proprietary Kilwins point-of-sale system makes sales analysis, end of day bookkeeping, accounting and reporting simple and efficient, and supports operations with recipes, costing, pricing, labor tracking, product ordering, forecasting and more.
A Kilwins employee sprinkles toppings on freshly dipped caramel apples.


What do our Franchisees say?

Our caring franchisees have plenty to say about how the Kilwins team, proven business model & high quality products have set them up for success. We are focused on creating the best opportunities for success for the entire Kilwins system as we continue to grow.


How do our stores perform?

Since our founding in 1947 we have continued to build and improve our business model. We began franchising in 1981 and the Kilwins business model has proven to be a successful model for our franchisees. We proudly compare average sales in our growing system of nearly 150 stores to those of our competitors.

2019 Average Sales

* The Kilwins information regarding average sales can be found in Item 19 of the 2020 Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”) issued by Kilwins Chocolates Franchise, Inc. The Kilwins data above reflects the average unit sales performance during the 2019 calendar year for 122 reporting franchised stores. Gross sales vary considerably from location to location based on many factors as listed in our FDD. You may not achieve this average sales level and your actual results may vary, potentially substantially, from this average result.

Sales data for competing franchise concepts are found in their respective Franchise Disclosure Documents

How to Qualify

How do you qualify for your own Kilwins Franchise?

We are looking for hard-working, caring people who are passionate about creating customer enjoyment and happiness, and looking for great products and a business model to support the realization of their life goals. If you meet these financial requirements, you will need to complete an initial information form by clicking Request Information.


Our minimum financial requirement is $125K in liquid assets and $500K in total assets.

Total Investment*

Your investment will likely range from $350K to $937K, depending on your market and other factors.

* This information can be found in Item 7 of the 2020 Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”) issued by Kilwins Chocolates Franchise, Inc. The data reflects the range of costs for many different items required to open a Kilwins store. Investment costs vary considerably from location to location based on many factors as listed in our FDD and your actual costs may vary, potentially substantially, depending on your specific location and circumstances.
A Kilwins franchisee behind the counter.

Available Markets

Emerging & Available Markets

Future Kilwins locations are selected by you and approved by Kilwins Chocolates Franchise, Inc. Below are new locations we are considering and existing locations currently available. Factors we consider when approving markets include general location and neighborhood, pedestrian volumes and patterns, competition in the area, demographics, store width and visibility, the proposed lease and other items impacting the store.

Our Process

What to expect on your journey to becoming a Kilwins Franchisee

  1. Complete our Request for Information.
  2. Have an initial conversation with a Kilwins representative from our Franchise Development Team.
  3. Complete our Request for Consideration.
  4. Receive and review our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which includes the Franchise Agreement and additional information.
  5. Complete your personality assessment and background reviews.
  6. Meet with a Kilwins team member in your market area.
  7. Complete your own Business Plan & Proforma.
  8. Attend Discovery Day at Kilwins’ headquarters, company store and Chocolate Kitchen in Petoskey Michigan.
  9. Sign a Franchise Agreement.
  10. Go through our extensive Kilwins University education program.
  11. Open your store and create enjoyment in your community!
A young cheerleading squad celebrates by getting ice cream together.
Kilwins cook dipping caramel apples in toppings

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