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Kilwins offers two franchised formats!

If you are a high-quality person looking for a great opportunity supported with high-quality products and a proven business model, Kilwins may be right for you. Both formats are supported with over 75 years of history and success.


Kilwins Full Line Chocolates, Confectionery & Ice Cream Store

Our Original Kilwins Full Line Chocolates, Confectionery & Ice Cream Store with over 150 locations.
Kilwins Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop

Kilwins Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop

A newly introduced, smaller Kilwins Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop.
Kilwins full product lineup from chocolates and fudge to caramel apples and ice cream cones.


Why Kilwins may be a good opportunity for you

Our high-quality products, great locations, and proven business model support Franchisee/Store Owners in achieving their personal goals.

  • The opportunity to achieve your personal and financial goals
  • A direct correlation between your efforts and personal benefits and rewards
  • Two franchised formats that support community engagement
  • A history of steady annual store sales growth
  • A system built around common sense, and our three actionable Core Values
  • A history of quality and success
  • A mature, Brand-centric organization
  • Proven systems and support
  • High-quality products that customers love
  • A successful community of caring Franchisee/Store Owners
  • Markets now available for development

Core Values

Our Core Values

At Kilwins, we try hard to “get it right” every day using our three common sense Core Values.

#1 “Treat others as you want to be treated”

Be honest with yourself and others. Respect people's rights, opinions, culture, time, resources and feelings. Be nice to people. Use common sense. Be humble and forgiving. Live with integrity, trust and trustworthiness.

#2 "Do your best"

Be passionate, curious, purposeful and committed. Strive for quality and excellence in reputation. Always plan, execute and measure results. We are all part of a team! Be disciplined, responsible and accountable.

#3 "Have fun!"

Keep your life in balance. Be yourself. Be a kid in a candy store.

Kilwins employee handing a caramel apple to a customer.


Our Brand Priorities

A Brand is what pops into your head when you hear a name.  It is what you believe to be true about an organization.  A Brand resonates at an emotional level and allows people to differentiate between products and experiences.  It is what people identify with and what they desire.

Kilwins word cloud - product, place, people, pricing, presentation, publicity, packaging, promotional strategy


Our quality products are the cornerstone of the Kilwins Brand.

Kilwins makes the best Chocolate, Ice Cream and Confections you will ever enjoy! As a high-quality person and Kilwins Store Owner/ Franchisee, our high-quality products will help you differentiate yourself and maximize your potential success.


Julien, Franchisee
Kilwins Winter Park, FL
Kilwins Gainesville - Celebration Pointe, FL
Kilwins Gainesville - Butler Town Center, FL


Kilwins' success depends on caring Franchisee/Store Owners, and their teams delivering outstanding service to bring the Kilwins Brand to life.

High-quality people need high-quality products to sell, and high-quality products need high-quality people to add value.



Kilwins stores are where people come together with family & friends to celebrate.

Both of our store formats are iconic, nostalgic, modern, look like they belong in the community, and are located where people go to celebrate, relax, and have fun. Both store formats have timeless material finishes, fixtures and equipment which are modular for on-budget, and easy installation, and which fit within a variety of store sizes and shapes. Exterior signs and awnings are effective and drive Brand awareness. They fit the surroundings appropriately yet make the store stand out, and appealing to enter.

Kilwins worker making delicious treats

Heather, Franchisee
Kilwins Arlington Heights, IL

Other Brand Priorities

Kilwins Brand commands premium pricing, our customers appreciate our drive toward excellence, and in both store formats our products are never “on sale.” Both franchised formats use the same proprietary, award-winning presentation and premium packaging and textures, a black & white, iconic collection of packages, tins, cups, spoons, napkins, bags and other elements necessary to “Brand” products and contribute to the overall experience. We publicize Kilwins in truthful ways which are the result of satisfied customers and the goodwill they spread when we create enjoyment and make people happy.


Our History

Kilwins has a history of product quality since 1947, supported by a proven business model.


Steady store growth for decades

Achieving proper balance between “doing the right thing” and “not making a mistake” is critical to growth.  We strive to grow at a rate that allows us to maintain our culture and excellence, provide consistent support to our Franchisee/Store Owners, and meet the high expectations of our customers. Doing the right thing consists of providing customers with products and an experience that no one else can, which they will remember, and for which they will return. We try to carefully avoid making mistakes, like adding products that don’t make sense, chasing the next fad or trying to be everything to everyone. We figure out what customers want, what fits the Brand and then operationalize it effectively across the entire Kilwins system. We have grown thoughtfully, strategically, and responsibly to the benefit of as many people as possible. We carefully watch and listen to customers, analyze sales, and then select and provide high-quality, brand right products and services that customers want and that we can consistently deliver.  

  • The number of stores has nearly quadrupled since 2000
  • There are currently over 160 locations
  • The production capabilities, distribution, support team and systems are in place to effectively support strong future growth 
Growth Charts

Kilwins Advantage #1

A Premium, Respected, and Recognized Brand

Our products and customer experience speak for themselves. We are proud of our Brand and work hard to create and provide value for our Franchisee/Store Owners so they may enrich their families, teams, and communities.

Franchisee holding an ice cream cone

Kilwins Advantage #2

Experience and Know-How

Kilwins has over 70 years of experience crafting and selling high-quality products and supporting successful stores.  We have spent many years developing and perfecting our recipes, setting standards, and developing and implementing systems that produce results.   We are an organization that is not afraid to try new ideas, and we have learned what works.  It is that learning and expertise that makes our business model successful. 

Kilwins franchisee making caramel apples

Kilwins Advantage #3

Proven Products, Standards, Systems and Support 

Understanding, growing and protecting the Kilwins Brand, planning strategically, setting standards, and developing systems are all very important to us, but what really matters is delivering Kilwins great products and providing a consistent super-premium experience to each new and returning customer. The Kilwins business model provides guidance to high-quality Franchisee/Store Owners to achieve this goal.


Kilwins Advantage #4

A Business Model That Works

All of the expertise, great products, and efficient operations in the world do not count for much if you do not get results.  Combined with hard-working and caring Franchise/Store Owners, Kilwins gets results.

Kilwins Chocolate Franchise was recognized as one of the top 500 franchises in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500®, the world’s first, best, and most comprehensive franchise ranking. The 44th annual Entrepreneur Franchise 500® is a highly sought-after honor in the franchise industry.

Recognized as an invaluable resource for potential franchisees, the 2024 Franchise 500® ranks Kilwins Chocolate Franchise as #1 for its outstanding performance in areas including unit growth, financial strength and stability, and brand power.


Kilwins annual sales FDD 2023

Kilwins Advantage #5

Two Franchised Store Formats and Available Markets

Kilwins is a growing company with many great markets available for development. Our two store formats provide alternatives to best suit the market you are interested in developing. Some markets are best suited for our Original Full Line Chocolates, Confectionery & Ice Cream Stores, while others are best for our Ice Cream and Chocolate Shops. Additionally, our multi-store expansions may allow you to efficiently operate multiple store formats, expand in small geographic areas with your existing team, and be close to home and remain in control of your business operations

Map of Kilwins Franchises

Available Markets

Markets in all States East of the Rockies!

Ashley & Landon

Ashley & Landon, Franchisees
Kilwins Greenville, SC
Kilwins Highlands, NC
Kilwins Brevard, NC
Kilwins Franklin, TN
Kilwins Hendersonville, NC


Your Ambition, Character and Ability Matters to Kilwins

You, your ambition, your skills, and your ability to attract, hire, educate and lead your team matters. If you are a high-quality person looking for an opportunity, Kilwins has opportunities for you to use your efforts to create wealth, improve lives, add value, and achieve your personal financial goals. You will be responsible for and benefit from your efforts.


What do our Franchisees say?

Our caring franchisees have plenty to say about how the Kilwins team, proven business model & high quality products have set them up for success. We are focused on creating the best opportunities for success for the entire Kilwins system as we continue to grow.

Mom feeding an ice cream cone to her toddler.


Your initial investment


Our Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop minimum financial requirement is:
•    $50,000 in liquid assets 
•    $150,000 in net worth

Our Original Kilwins Full Line Chocolates, Confectionery & Ice Cream Store minimum financial requirement is:
•    $125,000 in liquid assets
•    $500,000 in net worth

Total Investment

Your investment will likely range from $378,995 to $827,563 for an Original Kilwins Full Line Chocolates, Confectionery & Ice Cream Store, and will likely range from $215,803 to $378,637 for our newly introduced, smaller Kilwins Ice Cream and Chocolate Shop.  Your total investment will depend on your market and other factors.

See Full Investment Details (opens in a new window)

* This information can be found in Item 7 of the 2023 Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”) issued by Kilwins Chocolates Franchise, Inc. The data reflects the range of costs for many different items required to open a Kilwins store. Investment costs vary considerably from location to location based on many factors as listed in our FDD and your actual costs may vary, potentially substantially, depending on your specific location and circumstances.

Our Process

What to expect on your journey to becoming a Kilwins Franchisee

  1. Complete our Request for Information.
  2. Have an initial conversation with a Kilwins representative from our Franchise Development Team.
  3. Complete our Request for Consideration.
  4. Receive and review our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), which includes the Franchise Agreement and additional information.
  5. Complete your personality assessment and background reviews.
  6. Meet with a Kilwins team member in your market area.
  7. Complete your own Business Plan & Proforma.
  8. Attend Discovery Day at Kilwins’ headquarters, company store and Chocolate Kitchen in Petoskey Michigan.
  9. Sign a Franchise Agreement.
  10. Go through our extensive Kilwins University education program.
  11. Open your store and create enjoyment in your community!

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