The first Kilwin's Bakery opened in 1947 in Petoskey, Michigan.
Kilwins franchise store located in "Old Town" in Alexandria, Virginia.
Kilwins franchise in Vero Beach, FL.
Kilwins St. Joseph

Our stores are typically located in: tourist areas, historic areas, beach areas, vibrant lifestyle centers, quaint downtown shopping/dining areas, places where people will linger, where people are having fun and most likely on vacation or out for the day/evening. Our ideal store size is 1200 sq. ft. – 1500 sq. ft. (at least 15’ wide) so we can make fudge and other confections in the window, creating a true “Theater” experience. You will want to be sidewalk level facing the main street for easy customer access. Locations with with high pedestrian traffic are preferred.

Take a "Virtual Tour" of our flagship Kilwins Chocolates Kitchen!

While this store is not our typical size store, it does provide a good idea for the look and feel we try to create in our stores.