Gettysburg, PA

We have an exciting opportunity in the historic downtown of Gettysburg to purchase an existing Kilwins store.

This is a quaint, friendly downtown set in the historical town of Gettysburg. Surrounded by the battlefields of Gettysburg, this location offers a great opportunity for a potential Kilwins franchisee.


The Kilwins store is located at 37 Steinwehr Avenue

  • In the middle of shopping and dining in Gettysburg
  • This is an existing store site and includes equipment, cabinetry, small wares, leasehold improvements, and a fully negotiated lease (inventory not included)
  • Price: $60,000

 For more information contact Joe Benney



Old Market District, Omaha, NE

We have an exciting new opportunity in the Old Market District of Omaha, NE.  It is within walking distance of the hotels, downtown restaurants, shopping, and entertainment.  With a charming historical downtown Omaha offers a great opportunity for a potential Kilwins franchisee.

  • Located at 1112 Howard Street in the heart of the Old Market District
  • The Old Market is the heart of downtown Omaha and is the center of the pedestrian and tourist traffic
  • Close to hotels and restaurants, as well as, the stadium that is home to the College World Series
  • Located in the historical and newly remodeled M's Pub building
  • Approved location with a favorable, negotiated lease

For more information contact Tyler McCarty at 231-838-6048 or


Hutto, TX - CO-OP District

An exciting new opportunity!    Hutto is a charming central Texas city located 28 miles north of downtown Austin.  The CO-OP is the Austin area's newest development and is an extension of the charming downtown area.  As the new home for the City Hall and Library the CO-OP offers an eclectic setting with a walkable combination of excellent dining, entertainment, and shopping.

  • The site is on the "Green" area near the amphitheater and walking bridge over the lakes
  • Approved site with a favorable lease

For more information please contact Steve Titus at 630-631-2123 or at